Stainless Steel Cold Forging and Machining Services in Mumbai

About us Established in India over 2 decade ago, today our client list stretches to around  30 countries. What makes us very popular amongst our clients is our stringent adherence to standards set forth by them, either in the form of customizations or if they require us to follow standards set by regulatory bodies such as the ASTM or ASME. Since the steel forgings are considered to be the backbone of many sectors, we service clients from different industries such as Pharmaceutical, textiles, ore processing, chemical processing, waste management, power generation to name a few.

At Raaj Sagar Steels, we use raw materials of the highest standards, sourced very responsibly and ethically from our vendors.  This is why our clients who purchase the steel rods get the best quality product, that too at a reasonable price. Depending on the nature of the application, we guide our clients to the latest impression die forging including the finishes to be used and the grade of material to be used. Which is why, over the years, we have become one of the most trusted manufacturers and supplier in India.

Our factory in India is about 40000 sq/ft and our employee strength stands at over 60. At our factory, the closed die forging is produced keeping up with the latest technology. We have an internal quality assurance control team that checks the steel bars for any defects or for any irregularities in the product. In addition to this, we have an in-house lab and testing facilities with controlled environment kept in accordance with the standards. Moreover, we provide components such as the Open Die Forging in the best possible lead times and reasonable price for minimum order quantity. Perhaps a combination of all these characteristics is what makes us one of the leading steel nut bolt manufacturers.


Our mission

Give technically sound solutions and make extra value in mutual interest with our clients resulting in being a favored manufacturer within the Nickel Alloy and stainless steel products

Our Vision

We offer assistance clients create their energy resources; bringing world class capability and conveying it locally. We promote commercial arrangements that are adjusted to our customers’ needs